Topic: Send correct html path for view report on the web


I've no problem to upload in a ftp folder the produced report.

I'm in trouble for send by mail  the correct html link for view the report in the browser client.

At the moment i use these variables


and in the email it figures like this … 03-26.html

This is a correct path, but the problem is for the final html file.

I gave to the "name file" under "report settings" the $date variable cause this is the file name uploaded in the ftp folder.

I've add this variable at the end of the variable html path.

My question is: why there's not a variable for take the name file in the emal body generation.

It's mine a correct procedure?

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Re: Send correct html path for view report on the web

The best way top see what happens, I need an error report from this project, using the Options top-left button, Support -> Report Error menu. This could help me see what the problem is.

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