Topic: Direction on Interpreting graphs?

I'm trying to learn how to interpret some elements in the Website Ranking graph. 

First, is there a tutorial page that explains the graphs?

The particular issues are:

1) I see the use of circles, squares and triangles as points between time frames... what are the meanings of these various shapes?

2) There are occasional gaps between time frames (where the line does not connect the square or circle).  What is happening here?

Graph Example:


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Re: Direction on Interpreting graphs?

Hi Wayne,

The "Evolution in Time" chart view shows you the ranking results for the previous updates. Each line (combined with a circle, square or triangle) on the chart, represents a website. You have a description under chart too. If you will put the mouse over the chart, you will see the description of each point too.

You can see gaps between time frames, because that website was not found in the update results, while other websites were found. If you will look at the blue square, you can see that the website was found on the second  update (you have on the chart) and then, on the next 3 updates it wasn't found. To no more see these gaps, go to the Settings -> Application menu and select "Show continuous lines in the Rank Evolution chart" check box, on the "Chart Settings" section.

You can see more details about this report, on our online user guide, here: … ank-report

Let me know if this answers your questions and if you need additional information.

Best regards,


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Posted 3 years ago

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