Topic: Version 8.5 Not Working - Will Not Load Data or Work

I cannot get version 8.5 to work.  I think that when it was updating data it corrupted the data and when it starts it is a blank screen with a spinning icon.  I have removed, reinstalled, did the patch and even did a system restore.  On the system restore, it did not get rid of the program upgrade which was really strange.  Tech support is not answering and takes 12 hours to respond to each question with no results.  I need this running ASAP.

1.  How do I get the old data out without being able to load the program?
2.  How can I truly remove the program and try to save the data??

Posted 3 years ago

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Re: Version 8.5 Not Working - Will Not Load Data or Work

Hi Mike,

By default the application stores all the projects in the following location (this is for Windows XP):

C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\My Documents\AWR User Data\

All the projects are stored there, just in case you need to use them in a different computer.

To see what exactly happened, please send us by email all the "global.log" files stored in this AWR User Data folder. Just archive them all and send us the zip file. Without these files, we can only suppose what happens, but this may not solve the problem.

We are sorry that you received our answers so late, but when you wrote us, we were no longer into the office. You can see our business hours, here:

Looking forward for your details.

Best regards,


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Posted 3 years ago

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